Consistently  Perform your best 

when it counts

no longer allowing the nagging "I can'ts", crippling overwhelm or nightmarish "not ready enough" feelings to distract you.

If you’re a concerned PARENT or COACH, looking to support your HIGH PERFORMING ATHLETE as they pursue their dreams, you already know their mental game plays a HUGE roll.

So I will spare you the spiel! No need to be a broken record and convince you of something you have heard many times. After all, you probably already know that STRENGTHENING MENTAL GAME is the KEY that will allow your athlete to perform their best consistently when it counts. You’ve probably also heard that performance is 90% MENTAL. 



5 Biggest Benefits of Mental Training:

  • Building Unshakeable Confidence

    Athletes learn to trust their training enough to pursue their dreams and not give up after they make a mistake. 
  • Healthy Perspective Taking

    Athletes learn to quickly overcome a bad performance or practice and refocus on the many things they did well. They assess their performance based on all they have overcome throughout the season.
  • Finding Balance between Sport and Life

    Athletes learn to view their sport as a small part of who they are and do not define themselves only by how they perform or where they place. 
  • Rekindling their Joy for the Sport 

    Athletes are reminded of why they train. The focus is on enjoying practice, learning new skills, training with friends, and competing. 
  • Building Consistency

    Athletes learn skills to help them perform in competition like they do in practice. They determine strategies to create their own personal recipe for success.

 Even though the reason to invest in MENTAL TRAINING is a complete no brainer, the process of actually committing is anything but

Strengthen my Athlete's Mental Game? Great!

But where the heck do we begin?

Perhaps in your athlete's most frustrating moments you have sworn that this would be the last time they would ignore the elephant in the room; their struggle to perform when it really counts. How every time they have the opportunity to excel they fall short. You know what this looks like...practice leading up to competition was consistently strong and on the day they implode again, missing elements that, on any other day, would be easy for them to do.

Here is why most teams abandon the idea of investing in their athlete's mindset. Without a super clear step-by-step program most athletes think I can do it on my own, they fall victim to the mentality that this was a one time thing, even though their track record shows differently. 

As a parent you already invest in so much training for your athlete, you can't afford to not give them the tools to make the most out of this and create the greatest quality of training. 

Luckily for you, the opportunity to invest in mental training is here for you. It is never too late or too early to take this first step to giving your athlete the tools to enhance and improve their performance. 


The 3 Reasons why you haven't invested in Mental Training yet (and why this time you will!) 



Your Athlete didn't have enough time.

I am willing to bet your athlete has an incredibly busy schedule and couldn't imagine adding any more commitments to their plate. This is where the question of quality over quantity comes in. I work with athletes who train 5 hours a day, 6 days a week. This does not mean they are training SMART! Often during these sessions they are reinforcing the bad habits until they have learned to use their mind to work for them. Mental training isn’t particularly hard or complicated but once you have established a habit or belief it will take time to reverse it. Respect that this work is a marathon not a sprint and that change needs to happen at the unconscious level for you to see results when the stakes are high. Investing time  in mental training will only enhance the quality of their practice and performance.


Your Athlete didn’t feel comfortable talking with the psychologist or mental trainer.

Every time you mentioned working with a mental trainer or sport psychologist your athlete shared they he/she would feel  too uncomfortable sitting in a stuffy office and talking freely with someone .  Your athlete may have thought, this person doesn't know me, he/she doesn't understand my sport, he/she doesn't understand me. Discomfort held them back from taking this opportunity. Sport specific mental training is key to breaking down these barriers. Finding someone your athlete will quickly get to know, like and trust is the first most important step. It is time to respect the importance of working with someone who has experienced what they have experienced from an athlete, coach, and mental training perspective. 


Your athlete didn’t think they needed help

Many athletes just think this is the way they are, that they can never change their low confidence, negative view of themselves, and that they are destined to be a bad competitor.  This is just not true! With mental training, your athlete will learn the impact their thoughts have on how they perform. They will learn to use their mind to work for them.  Some athletes approach mental training as just another thing to do or learn. You can’t treat mental training as just another strategy. It is an immensely valuable skill that when done right will bring you success time and time again.

Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret

even though we know mindset is a critical key to performance, MENTAL TRAINING is still not a normal part of every athlete's training. Many are still not investing time in mental training and the main reasons for this, you may have seen by now, are that they don't feel comfortable, they don't think they have enough time,  and they don't think they need it.

Despite the MASSIVE RESULTS it creates in performance!
As long as your athlete buys into the importance of mental training,  the path is paved for them to learn the skills to consistently perform their best when it counts.
The key ingredient to all of this is
And with your permission I would like to share this course with you now.


"We listen in a group to your trainings. I find myself much more positive in my coaching as I try to use the tools.  I wish we can prepare a seminar for trainers to give them this knowledge and tools on how to meet skaters who become negative, unmotivated in their training.You do a fantastic job and I like your commitment!"

Susanne Olsson, Coach, Chairman of Trainers Association in Sweden


"My daughter loved the modules that provide practical strategies to help her become a better skater and competitor. She learned skills that she can practice both on and off the ice."

Silvana Lyons, Skating Mom



the complete A-Z Mental Training Program for Strengthening Athlete  Mental Game, so your athlete can PERFORM THEIR BEST WHEN IT COUNTS, despite the distractions of competition.


Mind-Body Performance Academy is the only program of its kind that...
1. Makes mental training a priority while seemlessly integrating it into your athletes training both on and off the ice/court - they are building strategies at the unconscious level. Repetition and continuous practice is key to making these new beliefs automatic so that they stick and lead to success.

2. Is created by an expert who knows your athlete and understands their struggles - as a former competitive figure skater, a skating coach, and now years of experience helping athletes all over the world MASTER THEIR MINDSET, I bring a plethora of experience and insight into the program I have designed. You will love the easy to understand teaching methods I have deployed, the sport specific examples included and the attention to particular struggles I have made sure to include that are all presented in an easy to implement, practical way.

3. Will have your athlete engaged and wanting more - they will begin to see and feel the changes both on and off the ice/court almost instantly. The modules are easy to digest and will leave them wanting more. Strategies and tools can be implemented right away. 

So if your athlete is ready to finally train like a top athlete by improving their mental game 

Here's how I'll help them get there:

Module 2

Pre-Season Mental Prep. 

This module will focus on teaching skills that will be a key part of building the confidence to perform their best in the competitive season. Mental training is a journey not a sprint and this is why it is so important to make these behavioural shifts before the pressure of competition sinks in.

Module Highlights:

Module 2 includes 4 Lessons teaching

  • The 2 most important strategies to enhance the benefits of Visualization
  • How to stop forcing elements and start allowing them to happen more effortlessly
  • How to optimize your Goal Setting by using my "Practice Goal Setting Template", a proven system that focuses on celebrating the small wins on the road to achieving the big goals.
  • The use of keywords through the  "The Performance Mindset" method to focus on one element at a time, letting go of mistakes and emotions that will be a distraction 
Module 3

In-Season Mental Prep.  

This module will share my tried, tested, and true strategies to use before, during and after competition to make the most out of each experience. Your athlete is learning mental training skills that she/he can use during competition to build confidence, feel prepared and consistently perform at her/his best. 

Module Highlights:

Module 3 includes 4 lessons teaching:

  • How to set Performance Goals that will motivate and inspire the athlete without freaking them out!
  • The top tips for optimizing the warm-up, moving past a bad warm-up and maintaining focus after a great one.
  • Best practices for controlling pre-competition and competition nerves using breathing exercises, scripts and guided relaxations
  • The #1 strategy I use with all my athletes the week following a competition that paves the way to creating consistent success
Module 4

Post-Season Mental Prep. 

After competition season, your athlete is  reflecting on how their season went, the successes and disappointments and starting to focus on building skills for next season.

Module Highlights:

Module 4 includes 4 lessons teaching:

  • How to identify your comfort zone and how expanding it will build resiliency and adaptability. 
  • My #1 strategy for building unshakeable confidence
  • The importance of positive, purpose driven practices and how to create them everyday 
  • Key strategies to improve focus during performance 

Here’s what you’re getting when you enrol today:

4 Athlete Training Modules containing 16 lessons 

  • Bonus Module 1: Parent Support  
  • Bonus Module 2: Coach Support
  • Email access to me for Q & A


When you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just: $97


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Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for Mind-Body Performance Academy?

No, it is for all young athletes. The majority of athletes I have worked with privately and in small groups have been figure skaters, however I have also worked with soccer players, highland dancers, tennis players, equestrians, etc. The mental training techniques are completely transferable to all sports.

Yes, absolutely!  This is the best time to start mental training. Developing a strong mindset will help your athlete prevent mental blocks from developing.

Yes. You can email me with any questions you have at [email protected] 

Yes! There is a bonus module for parents that includes many answers to questions I have received from parents over the years. There is also lots you can learn from the modules for athletes.

Yes! There are so many techniques, tools and worksheets I have included that you can use with your athletes. There is also a bonus module with answers to common questions coaches ask me.

Absolutely! If your athlete has worked with me in the past then they already have a good understanding of mental training. This course consists of all the techniques I have taught over the years for your athlete to access at their most convenient time. This will help reinforce the skills they have already learned and help improve consistency.

Mind-Body Performance Academy is PERFECT for your athlete if…

  1. Your athlete is just starting out and you want to give them the skills to prevent future mental blocks.
  2. Your athlete is ready to make a big change and fix their blocks once and for all. 
  3. Your athlete is a perfectionist who is passionate about their sport and is willing to do what it takes to excel. 
  4. You are investing so much time and money into their sport without seeing the kind of results that make you or your athlete happy. 
  5. You and your athlete are sick and tired of leaving the competition feeling dissatisfied with the outcome.
  6. Your athlete is aware of the importance of training their mind and is excited to take this next step to finding the solution to their struggles. 
  7. Your athlete cannot go one more day feeling frustrated in practice and competition.

If you identify that your athlete would say “yes” to at least 5 of the above, then Mind-Body Performance Academy is a perfect fit!

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

4 Athlete Training Modules containing 16 lessons

  • Bonus Module 1: Parent Support
  • Bonus Module 2: Coach Support
  • Email access to me for Q & A


When you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just: $97


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A Single Payment of



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